What is FTP Attachments?

FTP Attachments® is an ASP .NET based web application that rides on salesforce.com and allows you to upload and store attachments on your personal server rather than on the salesforce server. FTP Attachments® seamlessly integrates with the salesforce UI and offers a lot of benefits over native salesforce attachments.

  • Cost benefits

    Cost benefits

    Saves you thousands of dollars in cost in case you exceed file storage limit provided by Salesforce.
    We offer several storage server options for you to choose from based on your need and budget.
  • Security


    Since FTP Attachments® allows storage on your personal network you can set up security as per your requirements and important or confidential documents need never leave your secure network.
    The highest level of SSL based encryption available in the market can be used for your files since FTP Attachments® resides in your own controlled environment.
  • Supported Storage server

    Supports multiple storage servers

    FTP Server
    FTPS Server
    SFTP Server
    Amazon S3

Our Esteemed Clients

Enzigma Software Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in the year 2002, Enzigma offers Services like Cloud Applications, Enterprise Mobility,Product Development and Offshore Development and has got Products like FTP Attachments®. Enzigma was very first company to launch an application”FTP Attachments®” from India on AppExchange, a market place of Salesforce.com and became ISV partner of Salesforce.com. FTP Attachments® was recognized as “Application of the month” February 2007, and has grown their customer base to 500+ till date. Today Enzigma is enjoying consistent minimum growth of 25% year on year by serving small organizations and nonprofits worldwide, and help them achieve their mission. For more information about us check our website www.enzigma.com

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